PrinterQueueWatch Licensing

Effective from 15 August 2006 the PrintQueueWatch.NET component has been moved to an open source and free license arrangement, based on the Creative Commons Share-Alike model

This means that you may use the component or source code in any context provided that you include an attribution in your delivery, and that you include a copy of this license document

In addition to these legal conditions it would be very much appreciated if you would help continue the enhancement and longevity of this project by sharing any defects or code enhancements on this user group and by passing on this link to anyone who you think would find it useful

Downloading the latest versions

The latest compiled version of the PrintQueueWatch.NET component can be downloaded from here

The latest cut of the PrintQueueWatch.NET component code (written in Visual Basic .NET 2005) can be downloaded from here

Contacting us

If you have any feedback you can contact me via this page

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